Thursday April 24, 2014

Training / Education Services


Competence builds Confidence


The average person loses 30-50% of skills-based knowledge when the action is not performed or practiced for 90 days. For the Volunteer EMT working 2-3 calls a month aside from their regular jobs and family obligations, it is extremely difficult to maintain or improve their skill set. How often does your average member encounter Cardiac Arrest, Femur Fractures, Burns or Childbirth. We often hear of EMT's who leave the field after encountering a serious or traumatic call that they were not truly prepared to deal with. How to remedy that problem is a serious and ongoing issue for most services. The answer is to give your crew the tools they need to succeed-an opportunity to "practice as they play".






ERM offers comprehensive training services which can be tailored to your service
or members can participate in our in-house training courses.


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